We support all participants in the capital-raising process

Our technology offers value to capital-seeking firms, their investors, and the advisors who support the process. 

Companies considering IPO

Ambitious, growing firms have come to view the IPO route as expensive and time-consuming.  SquareBook breaks down the myths and has devised a fair, transparent and efficient capital raising process. 

The current capital raising process is manual and opaque. It is plagued by conflicts of interest which can significantly distort outcomes in terms of both pricing and the allocation of shares. 

Auctions are the most efficient way of engaging investors in the price discovery process. With the proliferation of technology and the internet auctions have become ubiquitous across many industries. In primary capital markets there is almost no use of auctions and little or no use of technology. 

The SquareBook multitiered auction platform provides a transparent, efficient and automated IPO process that delivers a fairer outcome to issuers and a wider community of investors. 

SquareBook enables issuers to engage with the broadest possible universe of potential investors, removing the information asymmetry which currently exists thus reducing the steep pricing discounts often seen in new share offerings. 

SquareBook is currently the only auction technology authorised by the UK’s FCA. 

SquareBook is not conflicted or compromised by legacy models, approaches or technology, and our deep industry experience and technology skills make us the ideal partner to execute an optimised IPO.


Our process addresses many of the deficiencies in the current process that deter companies from listing, and we want to help reverse decades of decline in the number and quality of IPOs. SquareBook gives investors access to companies considering an IPO, many of whom might otherwise not have considered raising equity capital on public markets. SquareBook’s technology facilitates and encourages early engagement between investors and companies considering a listing. Our process removes barriers to entry, enabling all types and sizes of investor to participate. 

The platform integrates with existing IT workflows (including industry standard FIX protocol), helping investors to meet compliance requirements and reduce error rates. Allocations are based on issuer requirements rather than advisor relationships, and all investors receive equal access to issuer communications and broadcasts. 


Working with industry experts and regulators, we have designed an innovative process to take firms from the pre-IPO stage, through issuance and beyond – saving time and reducing risk.  

Advisors and syndicates benefit from improved efficiencies of technology and digitization. Manual Regulatory compliance processes are replaced with SquareBook’s rules-based technology.  

Auctions are well understood and commonplace in many walks of life. The simplicity and transparency of our technology helps companies gain comfort and better understand the IPO process. 

The sponsors and corporate advisors who work with SquareBook can offer a unique selling point to the next generation of highgrowth companies and their founders. As technophiles and discerning buyers of services, the transparency of the SquareBook technology gives them the ability to control their destiny and optimise their investor base and issue price. 

Sponsors and corporate finance advisors who already participate in IPOs will find our model allows them to compete more effectively. As issuers become better informed, they will in turn become more selective buyers of advisory services and customise their deal teams.  

Square Book Finance Ltd (Company Reg No. 11971730) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (number 812594)